Economic Doctrine and Industrial Policy

8 October 11:00 - 12:30 Dallas 1

It is obvious, that for rapid economic growth Ukraine needs to change the structure of the national economy. Those branches that produce goods with high added value and provide high performance workplaces are socially and economically desirable. They should be prioritized and encouraged, among other things — by collecting rent from raw material and low-tech industries. Ukraine needs a transition from inertia movement to controlled development, technological modernization and re-industrializing.

According to the experts, economic patriotism should be the heart of the ideology of economic reforms. Non-intervention does not work, so the task of the state is to create more attractive business conditions in comparison with other countries.

Issues to be discussed:

• What should be the economic doctrine of Ukraine?

• Which regulatory steps are required to create a competitive economy? What should be the correlation of regulation and deregulation?

• What should be the new industrial policy of Ukraine?

• Was industrial policy used as a development tool in Europe after the World War II and in the "Asian tigers"? Which international examples of industrial policy should we pay attention to?

• What is the essence of new EU industrial policy?

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