Anti-Corruption Global Experience

06 October 13:00 - 14:30 Dallas Ballroom 2

The history of our society is inextricably linked with the passion of a person to avoid the rules of the game. Violators engage in corruption, dishonesty and outright bribery to get things done or for the sake of getting a high-ranking position.

In, corruption is one of the most significant factors that slow down the economic development of governments. First of all, corruption is the first proof of the poor management systems in public institutions, because bribery tends to flourish when institutions are weak. Bribes within the government decrease  resources that go into making a product or providing a service and  increase the cost of production for the end consumer. This means that the price of someone not living by the law is paid by the whole society and affects each citizen hurting economic development.

The experts will share their knowledge, best practices and methods of effective and civilized ways for overcoming corruption in Ukraine by refering to cases in EU, North America and Asia. The anti-corruption initiative leaders will try to find the successful institutional innovations that can rid Ukraine of unfair enrichment and economic stagnation.

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