Talk-show Business Reputation — Country Reputation

15:00 - 17:00

Hall A, 3rd Floor

The country image is clearly relatable to the business: Alibaba to China, Tesla to the USA, British Petroleum to Great Britain, etc. Today, business is responsible not only for its own products but often for country's existing image. Some companies use country’s image, some prefer to keep silent, while others try to stretch the truth. What factors can influence the formation of the image? Does business interfere with the image of the country in international promotion?  How to speak effectively and what to do in order your business is well known, understood and trusted by the target audiences you need (media, social networks, authorities, partners, investors, etc.)? Why and how is the image destroyed and how to act in the face of a reputational crisis or information attack?

Panel Speakers
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Transformation Partner
Finance and Economics Partner
Energy In Action
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