Competition in the 21st Century: What Can Ukraine and Local Business Count on? The investment landscape of the world has been rapidly changing in recent years. This is affected by a large number of factors from different perspectives: digitalization, robotization, the development of green energy, the change in labor costs, the growth of economic protectionism of states, etc. As a result, the competitive advantages, which have contributed to the development of countries in the past decades, fall away.
Kyiv International Economic Forum To Be the Key Event of Kyiv Investment Week Kyiv Investment Week, a series of business and technological events for investors, business angels, start-ups and entrepreneurs from all over Europe will be held in Kyiv from October 15 to 19, 2018. For five days, the capital of Ukraine will become the main European platform for communication of international and Ukrainian businesses and start-ups. Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) will become the key event of the week.
What Will Be the Future of Ukraine in the Hi-Tech World? World-class businessmen and economists, investors and visionaries will gather in Kiev on October 18-19, 2018 for one of Ukraine's key business events — Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF)
Economic future of Ukraine: dialogue of international experts with youth World-class businessmen and economists at the first-ever Ukrainian science conference of scientific youth will share international expertise with students, lecturers and young scientists.

Press Releases

Kyiv International Economic Forum has launched a new special project – #KIEFinsights Chairman of the KIEF Organizing Committee, Yurii Pyvovarov, and executive director of UFuture holding company Nicholas Tymoshchuk, together with the experts of Kyiv International Economic Forum analyze and discuss current economic, social and political challenges, determine their impact on Ukraine and the world in a video format.
Media provided broad partnership support to Kyiv International Economic Forum On November 8-9, the Kyiv International Economic Forum (the KIEF) was held at the Congress and Exhibition center Parkovy, bringing together representatives of the Ukrainian government and business, international organizations, investors, and economic analysts. The KIEF is the largest communication platform of that kind in Ukraine, functioning since 2014 to shape an optimal strategy for the long-term development of the Ukrainian economy. The initiator of the Forum is businessman Vasyl Khmelnitsky, founder of the holding company UFuture.
Kyiv International Economic Forum was successfully held in the capital of Ukraine On November 8-9, the Congress and Exhibition center "Parkovy" hosted Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF). About 2000 participants and 122 speakers from 30 countries attended the event, during which 22 panel discussions took place. The Forum was initiated by the holding company UFuture, led by entrepreneur Vasyl Khmelnytsky. The KIEF is a platform for shaping the economic development strategy of Ukraine. The Forum is aimed at initiating a dialogue between experts, business and government, borrowing the best world experience, creating a “road map” for the development and promoting the conversion of ideas into real actions.
Kyiv International Economic Forum hits an all-time high number of partners On November 8-9, Kyiv International Economic Forum was held at the Kyiv International Convention Center «Parkovy». Since 2014, the KIEF has been operating as a permanent platform that brings together government representatives, businesses, foreign partners, economic experts to elaborate a strategy for sustainable economic development of Ukraine and mechanisms for its systematic implementation. The Forum is initiated by the holding company UFuture, founded by the entrepreneur Vasyl Khmelnytsky.
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